My Green Spy

My Combo Soldier

Ripper’s Sniper

Ripper’s Scout

AJ’s Scout

Jack’s Sniper

D@D Waluigi

Yello_Milf’s Bonzo

Yello_Milf’s Anti-Freeze

Telly’s Sniper

Frost’s Soldier

Skav’s Pyro

yello_cream’s Sniper

My Heavy Set

Banned4Lyfe’s Sniper

Ren’s Scout

Gthump’s Spy

Cool Loadout’s Solly

R.I.P Humor’s Soldier

Guns4Glory’s Medic

Cesarz Teemu’s Scout

Menoly’s Soldier

Hecklar’s Engineer

DJhomeless’s Scout

Psycho’s Medic

The Eagle Mann’s Soldier

Subject Echo’s Spy

Deception’s Heavy

Gaming Box’s Engineer

Ven’s Sniper

Ven’s Heavy

OstojλTheGλmer’s Engineer

Pope Abibe’s Spy

TF2 | Head & Shoulders

A clean and simplistic art style of your own TF2 loadout, however, contains the head and shoulders region of the character. This is useful to use for branding purposes such as social media.

1.5 Keys [TF2/CS:GO]
2000x2000 & PNG File